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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Running toward new goals...

I didn't do so well with my 2011 now I've decided to beat the New Years resolution deadline for 2012! I've just joined the gym and am starting to train for a 5K. I have a bunch of girlfriends (including my sister) supporting me and it feels really good! I decided that, instead of going home to sit on the couch and watch the Biggest Loser, I am going to the gym to watch it as I speed-walk/slow-jog my 5K tonight!

Another goal of mine is to set a bedtime and stick to it! So far that's going well...the part I need work on is getting up in the morning when my alarm clock goes off the first time. I think I need the coffee pot next to my bed!

My third goal is to start eating healthier. I've always been a bit overwhelmed by this one but I feel that once my body is on track with sleep and more regular exercise that will happen a bit more naturally - or so I hope! Wish me luck! Hope this is of some motivation to those who happen to read this!

Stay tuned for the next ISO Photo Challenge: "Thankful". Coming soon to a blog near you!


  1. This is great Wendy! I joined a gym too back a few months now...but i still struggle to get there everyday. I am working on going at least 3x week and would LOVE to get into going 5 days a week. I also need a coffee pot next to my bed ha ha

  2. Go girl!!! I loved reading this!!! When you are ready for your 5k I'll do it with you! I am not super fast but love them! I am doing one on Saturday in downtown White Bear!

  3. Thanks Katie and Niki! Katie - my goal is also 3x per week!
    Niki - I'm prob going to wait until spring...doing the Battens 5K if they have it this year!
    It's so fun to hear about everyone who is getting healthier by running. Never thought I would "join the club", but here goes!! :)